Patient Safety Management
Patient Information Safety Management System via Mobile APP

The Patient Safety Management System is a system that enables easy and quick access to patient
and blood transfusion information through the recognition of the barcode/QR code
on the Hospital Wristband and blood transfusion pack via mobile APP.

Patient matching

Patient matching to prevent medical accidents caused by incorrect activation

Blood transfusion management

Patient matching to prevent accident during blood transfusion management

Medication management

Prevent accidents by matching patients when taking high-risk drugs (drugs, etc.)

Work Efficiency

Configure a system that facilitates patient matching to prevent nurses' actions from becoming cumbersome

Mobile APP application field

You can search for various in-hospital barcode/QR codes to view patient information.

Patient Wristband
High-risk drugs (drugs, etc.)
Blood transfusion/liquid
In-house prescription drug

Mobile APP Notes

A medical number
Blood type
Blood transfusion pack forwarding time/number
High-order compatibility test results