Contactless ID Scanner (ID Scanner) help prevent infection by minimizing contact with each other using devices in environments where customers need to check their ID cards, such as public institutions and financial institutions.
In addition, you don't need a separate device, so you can use the ID scanner's own program to help you capture, copy, and paste the necessary information, thereby increasing the efficiency of your work.

Quick and accurate
contactless identification

Contactless ID Scanner (ID scanner) can recognize ID cards faster and more accurately in a non-complex way of use.
Furthermore, it increases the efficiency of work by simply collecting necessary information such as name, issuance date, and resident registration number with one button.

Contactless ID Scanner is used like this.

Contactless ID scanner
comparison of four functions

Contactless ID scanning and antibacterial materials help prevent infection
and can handle various complaints with voice recording, QR scanners, and fingerprint scanners.
In addition, features such as IR shooting, automatic text extraction, and automatic image rotation supported
by your own program help you handle your work more efficiently.

Minimize contact

Simplify with one button

QR scanning and even fingerprint recognition

The use of antibacterial materials

Identification of forged identification cards

Automatic rotation of image

The most basic function of
ID Scan

Minimize contact that causes infection
scan quickly with one button, and check the data immediately.

Now, use your mobile ID card
QR and seal scans

In line with the times when mobile driver's licenses, mobile civil servants' licenses, and mobile passports become everything with one smartphone, we included QR scanners necessary for mobile identification.
You can obtain a clear quality painting image by scanning the stamp through the ID scanning window.

Easy monitoring of data
Self-Program Support

In a self-produced program, users can use useful features such as scanning
and automatic rotation of images, text extraction, and copying.

Quick identification
Fingerprint scanning

Contactless ID photography and antibacterial materials help prevent infection
and can quickly handle various complaints with voice recording, QR scanners, and fingerprint scanners.

Safely from abusive language and power abuse
Voice recording microphone

Voice recordings, such as waiting guidance voice and recording support employee ID, help protect employees from abusive language and abuse of power by complainants.

Installation example

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