Patient Wristband
Hospital-specific, customized design

This product was developed in consideration of maximizing user convenience, economy, and efficiency by automatically issuing the correct patient management and label stickers through Osung System's Patient Wristband system. It is a design that can greatly contribute to promoting and upgrading hospitals by inserting hospital logos and phrases.


Completely waterproof by finishing the back of the band with plastic material

Time reduction

The time to issue wristband after connecting to the hospital computer is only one second

A low price

Affordable Printer Heads and Issued Consumables

easy attach

Easy to attach with simple adhesion rather than snap button method

A quick issue

▶ Accurate and fast issuance in conjunction with the Hospital Program (OCS)
▶ Quick issue of around 1 second when the wristband output button is clicked
▶ OCS integration provides accurate data output

Reuse/Handover Prevention
Disposal Line System

▶ Patient Wristband basically have a disposal line (you can make them without disposal line when you make an order)
▶ Adhesion to the back of the disposal line prevents reuse and transfer of bracelets after use
▶ Disposal line systems prevent reuse and transfer, but not 100%

Protect your data
from scratch/water exposure

▶ Printed data will not be peeled off or damaged if scratches, crumples, etc occur
▶ Data is not smudged or corrupted by water or alcohol or alcohol


pc mobile


A dedicated printer/ribbon

Patents and Certificates

Advantages of Hospital Wristband

A promotional effect

By printing the hospital logo, our hospital's own slogan,
and certification details, you can see the increase in the image of the hospital and promotional effects.
(Hospital logo and stationery cannot be printed for existing bracelets)

Improved waterproofing
and work environment

The use of labels and special ribbons that do not change even with alcohol and hot water rarely results in reissuance.
This reduces the cost of issuing Wristbands
and improves the work environment of the staff.

A light weight

The light weight allows patients to feel the weight
of the Wristband and maintain its original shape when worn,
allowing them to feel more airy and stable than conventional vinyl and artificial leather products.

Sample Design

Delivery performance

University hospital
General hospital
Cottage hospital
Convalescent hospital

Representative delivery